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In Guns We Trust

How did the United States become so divided over guns? How did violence become so epidemic? And can we ever find a way forward? “In Guns We Trust” — the latest season of the podcast “Long Shadow,” produced by Long Lead and Campside Media in partnership with The Trace — explores the evolution of America’s gun debate.

Host Garrett Graff begins at Columbine High School, then goes all the way back to the writing of the Second Amendment, following the trail of guns from the country’s founding to the present day, featuring insights from Trace senior news writer Jennifer Mascia, who helped research the series.

The podcast debuts April 9, 2024. Listen and follow on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, and wherever you get your podcasts.


There are solutions to this crisis.

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Lead Reporters

  • Senior News Writer
    Jennifer is a senior news writer and founding staffer at The Trace. She previously covered gun violence at The New York Times. In her decade on this beat, she’s covered community gun violence, the intersection of domestic violence and guns, and the growing role of firearms in public life. She is currently the lead writer of the Ask The Trace series and tracks news developments on the gun beat.