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Gun violence is often portrayed as an intractable problem, but a growing body of evidence shows that there are existing interventions that can save lives right now. These programs rarely get the careful, sustained attention they deserve. This project seeks to change that.

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What Gun Violence Prevention Looks Like When It Focuses on the Communities Hurt the Most

Activists have long fought to make urban violence a priority for the movement. Now they are slowly securing more dollars for programs proven capable of saving lives.

By Elizabeth Van Brocklin

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He Came Armed With King Cakes
April 23, 2020

He Came Armed With King Cakes

The gun background check system is only as good as the records it contains. How one affable bureaucrat helped Louisiana set the standard for flagging people banned from owning firearms.

Lead Reporters

Ann Givens

Ann Givens has been a staff writer at The Trace since late 2016. She covers domestic violence, suicide, and solutions to gun violence. She previously worked for NBC and Newsday.

Elizabeth Van Brocklin

Elizabeth Van Brocklin was a reporter at The Trace from 2015 to 2019.

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