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The toll of America’s gun violence epidemic is usually measured in lives lost — more than 33,000 each year. Ignored, almost completely, are the many more people who are shot every year, and survive.

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States Set Aside Millions of Dollars for Crime Victims. But Some Gun Violence Survivors Don’t Get the Funds They Desperately Need.

Hours after a gunman killed 58 people and injured hundreds more in Las…

By Elizabeth Van Brocklin

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Wheels Up
January 17, 2017

Wheels Up

A bullet severed Ty Shoemake's spine when he was a young drug dealer. Now he is finding fame as Upper Body Boy, a motivational guru who shatters perceptions one stunt at a time.

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Elizabeth Van Brocklin

Elizabeth Van Brocklin is a staff reporter at The Trace. She mainly covers urban violence, including the experiences and needs of gunshot survivors and institutions accountable to them. PGP fingerprint: 738E ECF3 7BF7 F290 0805 6649 F3B1 25F6 B563 DD73.

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