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Tali Woodward

Tali leads the editorial team at The Trace, setting editorial strategy and guiding investigations, projects, and feature stories. Since Tali started at The Trace as deputy editor in 2018, she has coached reporters and editors on producing unimpeachable and memorable public interest journalism, including our investigation of self-enrichment by executives of the National Rifle Association and indelible narrative features on the drivers and effects of shootings. Prior to joining The Trace, Tali was director of the Master of Arts program at Columbia Journalism School, where she taught courses on reporting, interviewing, and longform writing. Before that, Tali was a reporter at the San Francisco Bay Guardian and wrote for magazines including Newsweek, New York, and National Geographic. Tali earned a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.A. in science journalism from Columbia University, where she continues to teach.