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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. A majority of Americans — 66 percent — believe it’s at least sometimes appropriate for doctors to talk to patients about firearms, according to new research. Support for doctors discussing firearms was stronger among people who didn’t own guns than among those who did. Nonetheless, the researchers said firearms rarely came up in doctors’ offices because doctors face time constraints and are inadequately trained on how to broach the subject.

  2. The relative of a woman who died in 2014 is suing the NRA and its partners for denying payment on a life insurance claim. The NRA offers life insurance policies to its members, and the plaintiff was the sole beneficiary. He says the NRA, Life Insurance Company of North America, and Cigna Group Insurance owes him $175,000. The NRA established the program in 2000, and it has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

  3. A standout college basketball player was fatally shot in a parking lot in Baltimore on Sunday. Darius Kelly, 20, who had been a guard at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, "fell in love with the streets," his former coach said. Police have not revealed the circumstances of the killing. So far this month, there have been 30 homicides in Baltimore, and 27 of them were committed with firearms.

  4. Two Massachusetts state lawmakers are pushing back against expanded enforcement of the state's assault weapons ban. The expansion was announced last week by state Attorney General Maura Healey. One lawmaker, a House Democrat, said the AG's office "overstepped its authority," and the other, a Republican, argued "no one person creates and enforces any law." They, along with 56 of their colleagues, wrote a letter to Healy, decrying her actions.

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