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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. Three police officers were shot and wounded Thursday while chasing three teenagers suspected of stealing from a 7-Eleven in downtown Seattle. The suspects — two 19-year-old men and one 17-year-old girl — reportedly stole beer from the store and were confronted outside by bicycle officers. One of the 19-year-olds exchanged gunfire with the officers; he was later found dead, likely from a gunshot wound, inside a federal office building where he tried to barricade himself.

  2. A bill that would prevent Pennsylvania's 2,500 municipalities from passing local gun ordinances stricter than those imposed at the state level advanced in the Pennsylvania House on Wednesday. “It is unreasonable to require residents of Pennsylvania and citizens passing through from other states to memorize every firearm ordinance as they pass through each local jurisdiction,” the bill's Republican sponsor, Representative Mark Keller, said.

  3. Multiple schools in the Atlanta area are on alert after social media posts threatened Columbine-style attacks. The threats targeted two middle schools in Gwinnett County, prompting police to increase security in the area. In Henry County, students at another high school were warned not to go to school. A spokesman said police have identified the threat’s source. Today is 18th anniversary of a mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado, which left 15 people dead.

  4. A St. Louis man fatally shot two utility workers before turning the gun on himself. The suspect, whose name has not been released, attacked the employees of the Laclede Gas company while they were working. The shooting took place at 11:15 a.m. in a residential neighborhood on the city's west side. Police said the two homicide victims appeared to be chosen at random. One of the murdered men was in his 20s and the other in his 50s.

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