Gun News and Views From Elsewhere

  1. The ATF executed a search warrant at the home of a California police officer, and removed dozens of gun cases from the premises. The Pasadena police chief said that the action on Thursday was not related to the unnamed officer’s duties at the department, and that no charges had been filed or arrests made. The officer in question has been placed on administrative leave.

  2. Border patrol agents seized a shipment of counterfeit Glock magazines from a container shipped to the port of Savannah, Ga. Officials found 591 cartons of handgun magazines illegally stamped with the pistolmaker's trademark. The company that made the magazines was given the opportunity to alter the products to make them legal, but did not do so. Based on Glock's recommended retail prices, the seized products had a total value of $2.1 million.

  3. The University of Massachusetts rejected a proposal for a 4-H Shooting Sports program for children ages 8 to 18. The national program is run by public universities in 48 states. U-Mass officials said instead they would develop “a more broadly based program.” The only other state that doesn't have a 4-H shooting curriculum is Rhode Island.

  4. A Maine state lawmaker is seeking to extend the right to carry a concealed handgun without a permit to gun owners as young as 18. Currently, the law only applies to those 21 and older. “We shouldn’t have to have training wheels,” says Senator Eric Brakey, the Republican legislator who is sponsoring a bill to lower the age requirement. Maine became a permitless state in 2015, owing to Brakey's efforts in the legislature.

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