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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. Three burglars drove a stolen car through the front door of a South Carolina gun shop this month, a break-in technique that has grown so common it’s earned a moniker: ram-raiding. In the last few months, burglars have used ram-raiding to steal guns from stores in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Federal investigators say gun shop burglaries have been increasing, prompting them to prioritize those investigations and to offer rewards for tips.

  2. Police in a North Carolina town are engaged in a standoff with a man who broke into a pawn shop early Monday morning. Officers including SWAT team members cordoned off the area outside Mount Holly Gun and Pawn soon after dawn, and as of 8:30 a.m. were negotiating with the armed man inside. The store was the target of a 2015 burglary that failed because the owner kept the desired guns locked up.

  3. A gun shop was burglarized in Concord, N.C., early Friday morning, two nights after a similar crime in the same town. Suspects crashed a stolen car through the front door of Eagle Guns and Range at 3 a.m. and stole 10 semiautomatic guns. On Tuesday, thieves got into Concord’s Ideal Sportsman through the gun store’s roof.

  4. A German firearms maker announced it will release a new smart gun model in the U.S. next year. Armatix LLC's iP9 9mm semi-automatic pistol will be equipped with a fingerprint reader, and will retail at $1,365. Sales will kick off in Florida. In 2014, Armatix attempted to introduce its first smart gun model in California and Maryland, but it was pulled from shelves due to backlash from gun rights advocates.

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