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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. The chief of the University of North Texas Police Department does not think the implementation of the state's campus carry law will change campus life. The law goes into effect on August 1, and allows permit-holding students to carry concealed handguns at Texas's public universities. The chief says "faculty and staff won’t notice any difference." He added: “No one should be walking around with an exposed handgun on campus unless it’s a police officer.”

  2. The Dallas police department says it received more than triple its typical number of job applications after five officers were killed during a mass shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest. The department says in the week before the shooting, it received 11 applications per day. After the shooting, Chief David Brown asked more people to join the force, and the number rose to 40 applications per day.

  3. A Kentucky man pulled out a gun in a movie theater after he got angry at a child who kicked his seat. Trouble began during a Saturday screening of “Star Trek Beyond” in the town of Paducah, when the man swore at the boy behind him. The boy’s father interceded, prompting the other man to pull out a gun. Moviegoers bolted for the exit as theater employees escorted the man outside. Police are filing charges.

  4. Nearly 80 percent of the guns recovered by Pittsburgh police in 2008 were not in the possession of their lawful owners, a new analysis reveals. University of Pittsburgh researchers examined 762 gun seizures and found that police could not track down owners for a third of them. Only 7 percent of the guns in question had been reported stolen. The study's authors concluded that theft and trafficking are significant sources of crime guns in southwest Pennsylvania.

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