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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. A judge sentenced a North Carolina man to four years in prison after he was convicted of firing an assault rifle inside a Washington, D.C. restaurant that had become the focus of bizarre conspiracy theories concerning high-level Democrats. Edgar Maddison Welch faced four and a half years for bringing an AR-15 into the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant. His attorneys requested he be sentenced to only 18 months.

  2. More than a dozen Colorado teachers are training to act as first-line responders in the event of a school shooting. Coloradans for Civil Liberties, a gun rights group, is funding the program, where educators learn shooting skills, medical training, and methods to navigate high-stress situations. Some argue that teachers would need hours of intensive training to effectively confront active shooters, and introducing an additional gun to an already-fraught environment leaves students more vulnerable.

  3. Los Angeles police were shooting at a charging pit bull when a bullet ricocheted and struck a 17-year-old Palmdale teen in the chest, killing him. Armando Garcia-Muro was pronounced dead later that night. Two of the five deputies on the scene opened fire, shooting six to eight rounds at a dog that moments before had bitten one of the officers. A police deputy was also injured the bouncing bullets fired.

  4. A Georgia man arrested in Pasadena, Calif., had an AR-15 equipped with a silencer and loaded with 30 round magazines. California bans both the silencer and magazines of that size. Georgia resident Christopher Goodine, 28, was arrested Wednesday for publicly urinating outside a transit station in the Los Angeles suburb. Police found the rifle, along with a sword and a 9mm pistol equipped with an illegal homemade silencer, after searching his duffle bag.

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