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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. A North Carolina man obsessed with the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory who last December fired an AR-15 inside the restaurant at the center of the internet-fueled hysteria plead guilty to two weapons charges Friday. Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, will be sentenced in June for interstate transportation of a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon. Welch faces a prison terms between 18 and 60 months, below the maximum of 10 years for each charge.

  2. The father of Jeremy Mardis, a six-year-old autistic boy killed by Louisiana police in November 2015, made his first public statement at the trial for one of the officers charged with his son’s murder. Christopher Few, 26, was followed by police for two miles when he didn’t pull over; he said he was given no warning before 18 shots were fired at his car, killing his son.

  3. A 75-year-old man in Allen, Texas, was arrested Wednesday for shooting at construction workers outside his apartment because he was irritated at the noise they were making. One man working on project said Roy Dale Rogers started yelling obscenities at the workers from across the street before going into his apartment and re-emerging with a rifle. A SWAT team responded and surrounded Rogers's building. He surrendered peacefully after a three-hour standoff.

  4. A 9-year-old Phoenix boy shot in the head by his 2-year-old brother with their mother's gun died Tuesday. Their mother, Wendy Lavarnia, 28, told police she previously let her 2-year-old practice pulling the trigger when the gun wasn't loaded. On Monday, she turned around to fetch a holster when her 2-year-old grabbed the weapon off the bed and shot his older brother, who was playing video games a few feet away. The parents face charges.

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