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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. A Glock handgun and ammunition were stolen from Emilio Estevez’s car while he was staying at the Oceana Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., in May. Estevez, the actor known for his portrayal of Billy the Kid in the 1988 movie “Young Guns,” is just one of up to 600,000 people who are victims of gun theft each year in the United States.

  2. The Rhode Island House of Representatives approved a measure requiring convicted domestic abusers to surrender their guns for up to six years on Monday. The legislation is now headed to Senate. Lead sponsor Teresa Tanzi noted that in 2016, four out of 10 domestic violence homicides in the state involved guns. Last week, the NRA called the bill "gun-control legislation, masquerading as domestic violence prevention.”

  3. An Ohio teenager charged with shooting two classmates has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Ely Serna, 17, is charged with attempted murder, felonious assault, and other offenses for the January 20 shooting at West Liberty-Salem High School in a small town west of Columbus. Serna is accused of using a shotgun to critically wound a fellow student in the school bathroom and then firing at classrooms.

  4. A judge sentenced a North Carolina man to four years in prison after he was convicted of firing an assault rifle inside a Washington, D.C. restaurant that had become the focus of bizarre conspiracy theories concerning high-level Democrats. Edgar Maddison Welch faced four and a half years for bringing an AR-15 into the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant. His attorneys requested he be sentenced to only 18 months.

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