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An ongoing series investigating the National Rifle Association’s influence on state policy and politics.

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I Spent a Year Reporting on NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer. Read Her Emails With Florida Officials.

In February, I published a long profile of Marion…

By Mike Spies

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The Reasonable Killing of an 89-Pound Boy
December 28, 2016

The Reasonable Killing of an 89-Pound Boy

A child is gunned down for stealing change in heavily armed St. Louis, and Missouri gets a taste of what justice looks like when the NRA calls the shots.

The NRA’s Straight-A Students
November 4, 2016

The NRA’s Straight-A Students

National polls show openness to tougher gun laws, but state lawmakers keep expanding gun rights and blocking reforms. One little letter explains why.

April 17, 2016


A legendary NRA lobbyist declared war on Florida officials who tried to stop a gun range from raining metal shot on a public park. A trove of emails and text messages reveals why it was never a fair fight.

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Mike Spies

Mike Spies is a staff writer at The Trace. PGP fingerprint: 8B8D 97B4 8977 C277 2472 19A9 B247 B1F6 13F8 1AA9

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