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Chicago Stories of Survival

Gun violence sends the lives of its survivors in a direction they never would have chosen, often stripping them of their agency. Communities get little say in determining their loved ones’ public narrative, let alone the space to explain how they’re grappling with the changes in their lives.

In creating our Survivor Storytelling Network, we asked ourselves: What would the story of gun violence in Chicago be if we allowed survivors to lead the way?

“Chicago Stories of Survival,” the resulting collection of essays and survivor-driven reported pieces, is the culmination of this process, and invites readers to witness a more complicated story of gun violence from the people who know it most intimately. Read more in the intro post below.

Published in partnership with the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Reader, South Side Weekly, Block Club Chicago, and Chalkbeat.

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  • Community Engagement Reporter, Chicago
    Justin, a Chicago native, previously worked at City Bureau, a nonprofit civic media organization in Chicago, where he covered housing and development. He was also an editorial fellow for Mother Jones magazine, writing for and fact-checking the online and print editions. In 2019, he earned his Master’s of Science in journalism with a special focus on social justice and investigative reporting from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.