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NEW from THE TRACE: NRA revenues plummet, tax filings confirm. The NRA’s revenue continued to decline in 2021, when it collected $227 million, according to the group’s most recent IRS filing. That’s the lowest figure in a decade, and a 20 percent drop from the previous year. The filing shows that the organization, which has downsized and cut costs in recent years, still finished 2021 in the black, with revenue exceeding expenses by $10 million. The Trace’s Will Van Sant has the full story.

Security guards are shooting people in Baltimore. How are they held accountable? Private security guards in the city have shot three people, two fatally, in the last month. But the calculus for holding private guards accountable is complicated, and could be ripe for legal challenges. Read the full report from The Baltimore Banner

New York can enforce its gun restriction law, for now. The messy legal battle over the state’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act continues. A federal appeals court on Tuesday issued a stay on a lower judge’s ruling that parts of the law, which was passed after Bruen, are unconstitutional. The law bans New Yorkers from carrying guns in some public places, and has strict requirements for issuing permits.

97Percent releases policy package based on common ground between gun owners and non-gun owners. The bipartisan gun safety group identified four policies that, based on its research, are widely supported by both sides of the firearm debate: violent misdemeanor laws, which would prevent people convicted of any violent crime from purchasing or possessing a gun; state-level permitting laws; universal background checks; and red flag laws. According to the group, the package could reduce overall gun-related homicides by 28 percent and gun-related suicides by 6.7 percent.

Pennsylvania House impeaches Larry Krasner. The GOP-controlled chamber voted 107-85, largely along party lines, to advance the effort to remove the reform-minded Philly DA from office, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. The next step is a trial in the state Senate, though it’s unclear when that would take place. ICYMI: The Trace’s Mensah M. Dean on how Krasner’s effort to prosecute Philadelphia cops may cost him his job

Ten schools in Maine locked down after hoax active-shooter calls. False reports about active shooters are becoming common across the country, The Portland Press Herald reported, but the calls on Tuesday were the first time the state had dealt with them on a large scale. According to the Educator’s School Safety network, U.S. schools have seen 181 similar hoax incidents — often referred to as “swatting” — this school year. Locking down: Lockdowns can leave lasting negative effects on children — especially those who have experienced abuse.

Data Point

2 — the number of officials who have ever been impeached in Pennsylvania. A district judge was removed from office in 1811, and a state Supreme Court justice was impeached in 1994. [Billy Penn]