Good morning, Bulletin readers. In today’s briefing: A student shot by a classmate at an Arkansas high school. Two teens shot by their peers outside of a Kansas City recreation center. A baby killed by her father in an Alabama murder-suicide. And a North Carolina nonprofit offering services to young people whose siblings were killed by guns. All reminders of the everyday gun violence that takes thousands of young lives each year in America.

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Another courtroom defeat for opponents of the federal bump stock ban. A U.S. appeals court yesterday upheld the federal bump stock ban, which went into effect last week. The ruling follows a series of setbacks last month for the multiple gun-rights groups challenging the rule, which classifies the firearm accessories as machine guns.

A red flag law is headed to the governor’s desk in Colorado. The measure would allow family, household members, or law enforcement to petition a court to remove guns from someone they believe poses a threat to themselves or others. It passed the Legislature on Monday by a single vote and no Republican support. If signed into law, it will make Colorado the 10th state to adopt extreme risk protection orders since Parkland. Meanwhile, sheriffs in half the state’s counties have passed resolutions opposing it, declaring their jurisdictions “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

More than 200 people were arrested in Virginia as part of a months-long guns and drug sting. Representatives from a dozen federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies announced yesterday the completion of Operation Triple Beam,” which began in January in the Roanoke area. Officers say they confiscated 49 guns as part of the operation, which resulted in 209 arrests.

A student was shot by a classmate at an Arkansas school. Students at Prescott High School were sent home early Monday morning after an eighth-grade student was airlifted to a children’s hospital with a gunshot wound. Police say the suspect, a classmate, is in custody and that the attack appeared to be premeditated. They have not yet said how the child accessed the handgun.

Five Kansas teens were shot, one fatally, in 24 hours. Two of the teenagers were shot in broad daylight outside a recreation center in Lawrence on Friday. Another was shot outside a McDonalds in Kansas City while with his mother. Police have arrested two 17-year-olds in connection with the recreation center shooting, and are still searching for suspects in at least four other incidents between Friday and Saturday.

An Alabama man shot his infant daughter and her grandfather before killing himself. The baby was killed in the shooting. Police say the Sunday afternoon shooting stemmed from an argument between the man and the child’s mother, who had a protective order filed against him.


A North Carolina nonprofit will support young people whose siblings have been shot. L5 Angels will offer social services and programming to the growing community of young people in North Carolina who have lost brothers and sisters to gun violence. It was launched recently by Chantell Felder, a Raleigh woman who lost her 21-year-old brother to gun violence four years ago. Felder says she hopes the positive activities will serve as alternatives to violence in times of grief.