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Michigan-based Canna Zoned MLS, the “self-proclaimed kings of cannabis,” used the promise of easy money to lure an Illinois shooting victim into using a social equity program to apply for a dispensary license on its behalf — but if she gets a license, the contract she signed could keep her from claiming millions of dollars. [Chicago Sun-Times]

From The Trace

More than two-thirds of parents worry that a shooting could happen at their children’s school — but home can be a far more dangerous place for kids. The Trace, in partnership with USA TODAY, analyzed data from 2018 through 2022 and found three times as many children were shot in domestic violence incidents than in school shootings. 

The majority of those children were intentionally shot by a parent, stepparent, or guardian — the very people expected to protect them. The Trace’s Jennifer Mascia has more. Read the story →

What to Know Today

In the first six months after District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court’s last major gun decision before Bruen, no legal claim on Second Amendment grounds succeeded in court. Bruen has proved far more disruptive. [Duke Law Journal/Jake Charles via Twitter]

Most illegal handguns in Canada come from the U.S. The path of one pistol — from a Houston-area sheriff’s deputy’s legal purchase to a duffel bag in Ontario — shows how easily guns clandestinely cross the northern border. [CBC News]

Is the “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement a bellwether of secession? [The Conversation]

Alabama police shot and killed LaKeith Smith’s friend in 2015, but Smith, then just 15, got the blame and was sentenced to 65 years. His family and friends say he was unfairly punished and pushed for a resentencing to let him come home. This week, Smith’s term for a murder he didn’t commit was reduced — to 30 years. [Mother Jones]

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are slated to speak at an annual NRA convention next month. No guns are allowed at the event. [NRA-ILA

Oregon lawmakers are considering a series of gun violence prevention bills, including raise-the-age legislation and a ban on ghost guns — the fourth attempt in as many years to prohibit homemade, untraceable firearms. [OPB]


Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Explained”: The gun rights supporters who came up with the term “Second Amendment sanctuary” modeled the idea on the “sanctuary cities” that flourished in the early 2000s as some liberal cities resisted immigration policies. The newer iteration targets red flag laws, universal gun background checks, and bans on assault-style weapons. (January 14, 2020)

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