I’m Afea Tucker, The Trace’s community engagement reporter for Philadelphia. We don’t often hear about what happens right after a shooting, who picks up the pieces, or how communities change after a crime scene is cleaned. But these moments can forever change how we interact with the city around us. As someone who was born and raised in Philadelphia, I’m acutely aware of the growing safety concerns here — but I’m also aware of the many people in our city who dedicate their lives to helping people who have been affected by gun violence.

Afea Tucker

My goal at The Trace is to serve as a connector between Philadelphians who have been or could be affected by gun violence and useful information about where to go for help. By signing up for my newsletter, you’ll receive monthly dispatches about my work in the city, hearing directly from gun violence survivors and keeping up to date on the agencies, organizations, programs, and activities that offer support.

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