The Trace is excited to announce that Loren Lynch has joined our staff as director of development, the first person to hold that title since the organization was founded in 2015. 

Loren comes to us from the Texas Observer, where she served as interim publisher after four years directing the news outlet’s development programs and assisting with overall publication strategy. Prior to the Observer, she was part of the fundraising team at The Nation, where her responsibilities included managing special revenue programs and events. She holds bachelor’s degrees in English and philosophy and a master’s in international affairs with a focus on media and culture from The New School. 

Headshot of Loren Lynch, The Trace's new director of development
Loren Lynch has joined The Trace as our first-ever director of development. Photo by Ivan Armando Flores.

“The Trace’s mission to provide the public with more in-depth reporting on gun violence is unique, and I think represents a rare opportunity within the media industry,” Lynch said. “So much coverage of the serious issues our country faces is sensationalized, with headlines that are meant more for clicks than for really informing the reader. The Trace is working to change that. I’m so excited that I get to be part of that effort. And I know a lot of other people will feel the same and want to support the important work The Trace is doing.” 

Loren’s passion for investigative, mission-driven journalism and her success raising funds for donor-supported media will be a huge asset to The Trace, the only newsroom dedicated to covering gun violence. As director of development, Loren will establish and expand revenue programs essential to our growth, sustainability, and impact, with an emphasis on major giving and reader donations. 

“When you have a conversation with Loren about nonprofit journalism, you can’t help but get fired up. Her enthusiasm and deep belief in the power of reporting to drive positive change are contagious,” James Burnett, The Trace’s managing director, said. “The Trace is so fortunate to have funders who share our vision for journalism that helps to create safer communities for everyone. And we are incredibly lucky to have Loren joining our team to help us build on that vital support.” 

As The Trace was first to report, the COVID 19 pandemic has been accompanied by both a historic increase in homicides and record firearm sales. The Trace’s coverage is holding leaders accountable for how they respond to the crisis while examining potential solutions, revealing root causes of gun violence, and shining a light on the special interests working to block potentially life-saving reforms. Since launching in 2015, The Trace has collaborated or co-published articles with more than 270 media partners.