Is there something that just doesn’t make sense to you when it comes to guns and gun violence in the United States? A statistic you’ve been searching for, but haven’t been able to locate? Information about why gun violence is more pervasive than in other countries? The history behind the gun laws we have (or don’t have)?

We had a lot of questions of our own when we started The Trace. Now we want to do a better job of understanding yours, and how we can help to answer them.

That’s why we’re reviving Ask The Trace, a special project driven by the curiosity of readers like you. The first iteration of this series explored a host of topics, from the relationship between mental illness and violence to the number of assault weapons in civilian hands. You can read all the articles from the series here.

Submit your questions using the form below. Our reporters and editors will review them and publish articles exploring the answers. Thanks for reading our work!