At The Trace, we know firsthand how much ground there is to cover on the gun beat. There’s the gun lobby, a complicated web of state and federal laws, and the ways guns intersect with suicide, domestic violence, and accidental deaths among children. There’s also, of course, the unrelenting stream of gun homicides that mire black and brown communities in cities across the country in cycles of violence, injury, and death.

And that’s before we get to mass shootings, the aspect of this issue that gets an outsized share of news coverage. This year, the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, ushered in one of the most significant shifts in the gun debate in recent history — a forceful, diverse, savvy youth-led movement used the weight of its moral authority to mobilize young voters, pressure lawmakers, and sustain the issue in the news.

Our peers at other news organizations worked alongside us to help chronicle it all. Below is Team Trace’s picks for the most eye-opening, instructive, and highest-impact reporting and commentary on gun violence in 2018.