The nation’s pre-eminent gun-rights group can’t seem to quit Ted Nugent, no matter how many racist and anti-Semitic remarks the aging rock star makes.

Nugent, a long-time National Rifle Association board member with a history of making offensive remarks, has recently outdone himself. He referred to a Latino man as a “beanochimp” and shared offensive photos on social media, including an image that was stunningly derogatory toward African Americans, and another that shows Jews being rounded up by Nazis. On the latter, Nugent added the comment: “Soulless sheep to slaughter.”

His anti-Semitic comments prompted firearms enthusiasts and civil rights organizations to call for his dismissal from the NRA’s board. And as recently as two weeks ago, Nugent’s name was not included in the program guide for the upcoming NRA conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It seemed as if the group had elected to deny the outspoken gun-rights advocate a platform, perhaps because of negative publicity.

But it appears the Nugent show will go on, for what will be the 13th consecutive year. His address, “Do or Die for American Freedom,” is pegged to the upcoming presidential election.

“Never before has the orchestrated threat against America, freedom and our sacred 2nd Amendment rights been more dangerous than in 2016,” the synopsis of Nugent’s event reads. “The Obama/Clinton liberal Democrat gang is maniacal in their attack on all things individual rights, truth, logic, commonsense and The American Way. Are there enough of us willing to do battle with these evil forces? We can and we must win this one.”

At the meeting in May, NRA members will vote on whether to re-elect Nugent to the board.

[Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore]