Following the Parkland school shooting, state lawmakers across the nation developed a newfound interest in a previously little-known means for separating volatile people from deadly weapons.

Red flag laws — also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) or Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs) — enable law enforcement, and sometimes family members and other concerned parties, to petition a judge to remove guns from individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others. For more on the history of the policies, read The Trace’s explainer.

Since Parkland, red flag laws have engendered support from lawmakers of both major political parties and groups on both sides of the gun-policy divide. In 2018, eight new red flag bills were signed into law.

Pushback from the NRA has slowed the advance of red flag laws in several state capitols, but the sustained enthusiasm for the measures remains striking.

Please scroll on to see the status of red flag laws in your state. We’ll be updating this tracker as the legislative calendar progresses.

Status of State ‘Red Flag’ Laws

Source: State legislatures; Ballotpedia. Graphic: Daniel Nass.